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Swope Telescope

Henrietta Swope


Design: Ritchey-Chrétien
Manufacturer: Boller & Chivens
Diameter: 1.0 m
Focal Point: f/7
Dome Type: Classic

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The Swope telescope is still in operation despite being antique. In 2017, a team of astronomers using the telescope observed a collision between two neutron stars for the first time, marking a new era in global astronomy. A current astronomer at Las Campanas, Natalie Ulloa, was the first person to observe this phenomenon.
In the beginning, the Swope telescope was operated manually from an old control console that is still in that room. Today it is run by computers and, soon, remotely. The screen you see in front of you provides more information about the telescope and the science behind it. I also invite you to enter the dome to see it more closely.