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Magellan Telescopes

Walter Baade y Landon Clay

2000 - 2002

Design: Gregoriano/Cassegrain
Manufacturer: L&F Industries
Diameter: 6.5 m
Focal Point: f/11 (f/5 cassegrain)
Dome Type: Octagonal

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The Magellan telescopes’ studies covered a wide range of astronomical objects, including natural satellites, exoplanets, quasars, supernovae, among others. Among these objects, we highlight an odd supernova that may solve an old debate about its origins and the farthest away objects observed in our Solar System.
The Magellan telescopes are the result of a collaboration between the Carnegie Institution for Science, the University of Arizona, Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The screen you see in front of you provides more information about the telescope and the science behind it. I also invite you to enter the dome to see it more closely.